Fast fast battery


I’m looking for a good battery, looking at the Fast Gast Battery. Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of this battery?
Can you give a list of your bike mods, 1397? Turbo?
Lots of lights and doodads?
They are claiming 380 CCA which I find may be a little “fluffed”
Even some of the high end batteries for the Busa’s don’t break the 250 CCA wall let alone 300 CCA.
A lot of guys here I see running shorai lithium batteries with good luck. If you go lithium go with a known brand.
With the AGM, it’s always a gamble. Yuasa is sworn by many as well.
Definitely use a charger made for lithium batteries. I bought a Shorai charger because the hookup is different but here's an affordable one.
@ali123 provided a link a while back for a battery with a reportedly high CCA rating but I cant remember the brand. Maybe he can chime in with the link?
Let me dig up the one I got. From battery stuff like the link above but mine is over 500cca.
Shori user for 6 years now . You can use a regular charger as I have on 3 occasions from DEAD 1 volt VDC due to wife's heated grips left on . Something to consider our bikes don't charge a lithium battery any different than a regular battery . I did baby sit my battery with a multimeter , and when it read 13.1 vdc off charger it was good . I have another ballistic lithium battery now 4 years old its the size of a pack of smokes and its a backup trip battery . I just throw it on regular charger before every long trip . it auto shuts off just like a regular battery . Ill give them the money for a light weight battery , but not charger $$$ .
Thanks guys for all of your help and feedback. I apologize for not giving more info on the mods that I have done. It's a 03 Busa with 1397 kit, head work with web cams, ECU flashed and PC 5. After my engine build I started to have the usual slow starts especially when the bike had been ran for awhile and I stop to get gas or something the bike just wouldn't turn over. After reading some of your feedback and talking to a tech at Brocks Performance I am considering the lithium battery. I'm just trying to find another way other than running 2 batteries. Just seems like another headache to me.
I started a thread..... its a full spectrum power pulse IPT p10s (gen1)… 720 CCA and 12.3 amps.. its the most powerful battery out right now..... I served as the guinea pig.... it worked amazing.... frank even has one in his personal bike now... and became a dealer...…… great great battery.
+1 to Ali, if you have a 1397 bike get the battery from powerhouse and then save yourself the headache of 2 batteries on bike. Then consider it a weight reduction mod as well.
Yep thanks guys, I talked to Frank this morning and I'm sold on the Spectrum P 10s. I can't wait to get it. Thanks again for your input