f1 c25 code


2005 with Brock hindle re-flashed ecu and power commander. The number two coil looked damaged deformed so I replaced it with another coil. Bike is still missing and pulling the plug shows that the #2cylinder is not firing. When I placed what I thought was the bad coil on another cylinder the missing gets worst so the coil was bad. I still only get the c25 code. I also changed the plugs and no change. Battery is charging so not problems there. I looked at all the wires and none look damaged. What are some other options. Could it be the ckp sensor? What are some other options. I have another ecu I could try also?
Problem solved. Something chewed the wires under the frame where the seat and tank meet. One was the coil wire for the number two cylinder. There were some other wires chewed. Not sure but I think they shorted the coil because the coil was deformed and did not work. Also the ecu was cooked. Even after I repaired the wires and replaced the coil with a new one the bike still missed and showed the f1 light code c25. I swapped the ecu with another and the bike is running fine.