extended swing arm??


I am looking for a extended swing arm instead of extensions. Does anyone know where to get them?? Thanks.
Generally guys use a bolt on or they send it off to have a piece added to it. I think Frank Adams does this at psychobike.com. Then most people send it off to have the final touches applied like chrome.......................
Frank has mine right now.  His price is $600 to put a 0-6" slider extension on, and cut off the upper bracing (great place for Nitrous bottle.  I will post pics when I get it back.  In the past I have used Terry Macontosh.  He also does flawless work, but he is slow and hard to get a hold of.  Frank says 7-10 days.  I'll tell you if he delivers.  I am sure he will.  I have heard nothing but good things about his work.
200hp thanks for the bones! I will let you know if I get the desired results.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I robbed this off Psychobike this is a quote from Jason Miller "Here is another idea Schultz Advanced Fabrication swaingarm. Mike Schultz 301-694-0602 it has an air tank in it. I believe he charges around $750 for everything. Just call and ask him how much. They are real high quality arms!" Personally I like the looks of it, and being chromoly I am sure it is lighter weight and twice as strong. I don't need the air in the arm though. Nitrous is the only way to fly.....

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