Extended swing arms


Do most of you but the entire swing arm that extends your tire out or do you just buy chrome Extenders that bolt onto you stock swing arms?
That is all I will do is just basic street riding....Just around town, and on the interstate and some cruises on the back country roads...

I was thinking about either a 8" or 10" extension....The one thing I like is when i see a bike with the back wheel that sticks past the rear of the bike half way, so half of the tire is out past the rear...what extension is that?

I am also going to go with a 1.5" lower link for the rear and a Lowering chrome triple tree to loer the front...Dont really know how they work but they look nice...I want the front about 1" lower....anyone know how those work?

Also will any of these apperance mods void warrenty?
if you are instrested i have a friend with a 8 over busa arm done by frank adams make offer plus stock arm
Ok will check it out thanks for the heads up!

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Sounds like overkill just to cruise the streets. Back roads won't be much fun. To each his own. Just think it through before you extend it that far.
the problem with an ext swing arm is it sucks on the street. very hard to make fast turns. i'd get bolt ons and use em on the track and take em off for the street. basically all you'll be able to do with a 8 over swing arm on the street is go in a straight line.
4" to 6" will be fine on the street . If you do alot of twisties you will notice a big diff in turning . Lowering won't hurt but watch the speed bumps . If you want to lower the front cheap get some of Reapers risers. If you want to extend the rear more than 6 I would get an arm . otherwise I would just get the bolt on extentions.
will the bolt ons cover up the stock swing arm? I would think it would look weird having the stock black swing arm coming up against the nice chrome plated extensions?? maybe not?

the reason I am going with the Lowering triple tree is because I was planning on getting a chrome cover for the triple tree anyway, and figured this would kill 2 birds with one stone...