Engine Starting problems


Hi everybody. This is my first time arrives at this website I live in Taiwan.My English is very bad.I have some problem. Several days ago.

I ridden 04 BUSA about 10 km sudden flameouts.Afterward engine could not start.I pull the car dealership inspection.Finally the engine may start.The inspection does not have problems.The technician is called me to try to ride.
But the problems occurs.The flameout will cool might from now on start.
The technology tells me possibly the engine to give the problem.

I hoped that is not the engine gives to the problem.
In Taiwan is very expensive.
So Which kind of problem gives to??The F1 lamp has not glittered.
Taiwan's technology has not been good.Who can help me.

Thanks everybody.辛苦了
is this tip over switch next to the battery next the wire with a fuse on the left side looking straight down? little square block with 2 wires?


It could be the battery not having enough volltage to fire the injectors.
Check the battery first, if it is OK, then check the fuel.
If you have dirty fuel, it may have clogged the filter and/or injectors.
If so then drain the tank, add new fuel, and try some fuel injector cleaner - BG44K, Seafoam or Techron or such.
Good Luck!

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