engine idle for over 45 mins.


Hi all,

I accidently left my bike running idle for over 45 mins in my garage. When I rememberd about my poor busa and came back to it there was coolant all over the floor and fumes all in the garage. the entire bike was hot to the touch. Will this effect my engine's longevity? I let it cool off a bit and topped off the coolant and took a spin around the block to ensure my engine was still turning. it might be in my head but it doens't seem to have the low end kick like it did before. other than that there is no smoke blowing out through the muffler and now leaks developing under the bike. Should I still worry?
What did the gauge read (in the red I assume?). It depends on how long it was running in the red. Obviously it overheated and the coolant started to boil over (and onto the floor thru the overflow). Busa's do not do well without air flowing thru the radiator. Hard to tell if you did long term damage or not. At least it did not fail and seize up! So hope for the best and don't do it again. Glad it did not happen to me. Surprised you did not melt any fairings or did you not look it over carefully, maybe you did.

I would flush all the coolant and start over with clean 50/50 mix, then change the oil and filter also. At high temperatures your oil and coolant permanently degrade so get rid of all of it to be safe.

You should be all right based on your discription. make sure you check the fluid again after running. Watch for fluid coming from the bike. Let's hope you are fine.