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What Energy Drink gets you Amp'ed? I'm a big fan of Red bull and Monster, but I gotta give the edge to the Monster Green Can. Tell me what you think.
I can't have them anymore,I feel stomach sick and nervous like I did something wrong. But when I had one it would be the green monster.
Full Throttle: Orange can or blue can. Black is okay too, and i occasionally get the monster assault in the black and red camo pattern can.
i drink coffee. but if i am going to the gym i will drink a low carb monster. but i dont drink the whole can because it makes me feel like i'm slipping into a dream within a dream


Last time I had a Monster and then after that a cup of expresso and two hours later a was sleeping like a baby. they don't do anything for me.


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Monster in yellow can.. M-80 it says on the can, gets me spinning pretty good.:thumbsup:
i use to be WAY into the energy drink thing. hell, i remember getting those 32 oz monsters ALL the time. then i tried the 5 hour energy drinks, they worked, but to me tasted nasty. well, since my fiancee is a dr, she would always get mad cause i drank those drinks (bad for ur kidneys, blah blah blah... yet when she tried 1... she was up for almost 2 days :rofl:). anywho.. now all i do is take B12 pills.. which is, for the most part, the main thing in energy drinks *minus the tons of sugar.

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