Free energy - steorn project


Out on the news today is an energy and technology company called Steorn, Ltd. They are claiming the following:

"We have developed a technology that produces free, clean and constant energy. This means never having to recharge your phone, never having to refuel your car. A world with an infinite supply of clean energy for all.

Our technology has been independently validated by engineers and scientists - always off the record, always proven to work."

You can visit their site at

If this is real, then there are a whole lot of changes coming down the pipe. Just thought I'd share.
they're a little vague on what TYPE of energy... do they mean ELECTRIC or pushing air or MENTAL engery? Like are we THINKING more electicity into our phones? Does it involve coaxial cable attachment to our spines? Very vague indeed. Sounds like a good idea to get tons of Web Hits for a new internet company to drive a marketing business. Time will tell.
Batboy says it's real!
Domain Name: STEORN.COM

Administrative Contact :
Sean McCarthy
Unit 12, Fumbally Court, Fumbally Lane
Dublin 8, Co.Dublin 11111
Phone: 353 1 4540620
Fax: +353 1 4540640

Since they have you REGISTER an email address, I assume it's another SPAM list for the selling. You'd be shocked and amazed how much companies pay for ACTIVE email addresses. In the end, the go, "oop... nevermind, guess it didn't really make free engergy after all. My bad..." email list? SURE! CHA-CHING
yet, I gotta mention, seems like whenever gas prices soar and people start looking for alternative energys, they suddenly find a bunch that were not around before. blow torches using water, free magnetic energy... bout time for those magnetic atom aligning fuel purifiers to come out again.