Enclosed trailer accessories


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Ok, so I finally got a trailer and its time to get it decked out for hauling.

I have Hal's place RB Components | Leader in Outfitting Shops, Garages and Trailers and they have some cool stuff but found some others and wanted to see if anyone had used them or knew about them.

Speed Rack Helmet Locker Standard Enclosed Trailer NEW:eBay Motors (item 170304626686 end time Aug-19-09 12:02:30 PDT)

TRAILER ACCESSORIES FLIP OUT LIGHT ENCLOSED RACE CAR:eBay Motors (item 390076164305 end time Aug-06-09 13:56:30 PDT)

I plan on having a generator and some overhead lights in the trailer but just looking for other ideas that folks have set up in theirs :cool: :thumbsup:

Here's a pic of my trailer just for reference, there's a little room in there but I'll probably set it up to haul 3-4 bikes so less room then :whistle:

Ive seen insides Hal's Trailer at the Eureka meet. All I can say is.

I did actually, they are all over the devil (ebay) that second one is from them :cool:
Yeah Hal's trailer is a model to try to achieve for sure... I'm considering making mine into a travel trailer/bike hauler down the road, keep expenses down for road trips and be able to do more of them...or track days :whistle:
cool... and when my rich uncle gets out of the poor house ill get a set up like that lol
cool... and when my rich uncle gets out of the poor house ill get a set up like that lol

honestly, it was a great deal otherwise I'd still be borrowing trailers ;) All said and done right around $3600
I have a 20footer, but I have WAY too much junk in it. I can only carry one bike in it along with my golf cart for the track. I have a full sized tool box, a small armoire (for my leathers and a change of clothes), a few battery chargers, a big fan, extension cords, awning and chairs, and a cooler. It really could be a couple of feet longer, but I am happy with it. I just have to keep all of my junk organized or it looks like trash.