Emtes Oil Scavange Pump


I've been running the bike in the garage to create logs with the LM-2 and make some final checks. I noticed the bike sometimes smokes the first couple minutes, and depending on how long it was running, oil enters the exhaust right after I shut it off.

I'm using the Emtes Oil Scavange Pump and I'm sure the pump and all the oil lines going to (1/4") and from (1/2") the turbo are correct, including the outlet vent hose (1/4") required by the Emtes pump. I also have check valves installed at the turbo both at the inlet and outlet which should prevent this sort of thing.

Tonight I replaced the vent hose with clear hose. No oil backed up into the vent hose until I shut off the bike. At that point about 7" of the vent hose filled with oil within a minute or so. The level did evenutally drops to 5" or so but that missing 2" is probably in the exhaust pipe. When I start the bike, the oil in the vent hose immediately gets sucked in by the Emtes pump and everything is fine until I shut off the bike, at which point the process repeats itself.

I'm thinking that when I shut off the bike the pressure in the oil line going to the turbo takes a while to drop, which keeps the check valve from closing right away, allowing additional oil to continue flowing into the turbo. Having a high volume oil pump gear could be very well adding to this problem, if not the cause of the problem.

Okay, this is somewhat related to another post I made about a restrictor in the oil line between the check valve and the turbo. Only now I'm trying to figure out if the restrictor will fix the problem or if I need another check valve that requires a higher opening pressure.

If anyone has any thoughts, go for it.:whistle:


Do you have a sump between the turbo and scavenge pump, maybe you just need some more capacity in this area ?


I was thinking about that this morning and no I don't. I've been trying to avoid it because I didn't want to lose any more ground clearance since the header/turbo combination is still from the original Mr Turbo package. Figures it's his stuff that still gives me problems... thank goodness I've literally replaced everything else from him. I'll take a look tonight and see if I can come up with something. This will be one of those times when I just lay on the floor and stare at the unit until I come up with a solution... or fall asleep :laugh:

Thanks again.

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