Rajay Turbo Oil Restrictor Size


Spent hours reading here and elsewhere about oil restrictors at the turbo inlet. Most recommend .060 for journal bearing and .030-.035 for ball bearing in general but I'm trying to find something more specific. My Rajay has a journal bearing.

Per one sight "Mr Turbo supplies a small main jet type (125) restrictor for the oil feed line for the journal bearing Rayjay's in thier GSXR / Bandit turbo kits." but I don't recall any restrictor in my Hayabusa kit like that and I don't have those components any more. It also seems the actual hole size for 125 jets varies between manufacturers.

I use the NLR pump and my setup which includes check valves is fine, but when I shut off the bike some oil makes its way into the exhaust from oil that accumulates in the vent line during idle. It's also possible the APE high volume oil pump gear has something to do with this. This is not that big of a deal but I'm convinced a restrictor will take care of it. At this point I'm thinking of tapping the final fitting prior to the turbo so it will accept jets, start large and work my way down until it stops. Of course, I won't go below a certain size but either way I'd like to find more specific info if possible.

Anyone have any more info on this for the Rajay?

BTW, I realize I could call Mr Turbo but he refuses to help me due to a prior battle... now if anyone else wants to give him a buzz, feel free :)

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