Dyna shift light


I've asked a few shop mechanics, dealer mechanics and tech personel from Dyna no one is sure, but they all gave me different stories. These are the different hook ups they told me were the (1) neg.#1 coil,(2) pos.#1 coil, (3)4 into one 1 cable resistor from the neg. side of the coils and others said (4)the pos. side of coils.(5) To the box under the seat, excactly what wire on the box, they didn't know.
None worked!!
If any one has hooked one up, can they please tell me how!!

Thanks GIO
You need a tach adapter from MPS Racing. This provides the signal to the Shift Minder to trip the light at the specific RPM. I use the shift minder with the MSD Mini-shift light...works great.