Double Bubble Photos

Can you post any pics of GenII models with double bubble screens. I really need one and I am finding it difficult to decide without seeing.

I really like the puig one, but can't find it in the uk unless its black. I really want a dark tint. I also see a powerbronze one that looks ok.

I don't like the suzuki one, it looks massive and the kanji is red.

So can you help.

Thanks for all the replys :beerchug:

I really want the Puig Dark Smoke, but can't get it over here anywhere. :banghead:

I am going to try for the zero gravity now, it looks the business too :thumbsup:
Fitted my Dark Smoke Zero Gravity Screen today :thumbsup:

I am pleased now, although I was doing some cursing during the fitting :whistle:

Thanks for all the help with your photos peeps :beerchug:





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I swap these back and forth depending on when I actually need to see through the windscreen or not. The clear one is a Zero Gravity DB.

I also had the dark tinted double bubble version which really looked good.



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