Does yosh trs system sound/perform better than rs3


I currently have a Yosh rs-3 oval carbon can on my Busa now (full race duplex). By going with the TRS can, will there be any difference in sound, power and/or weight. I like what I have on their now with PC3R and K&N filter stock airbox and the rest of the bike to, I dynoed 164.8 rwhp and 100.6 lb./ft.

I'm alway open for more horsepower. I was only going to do the can swap because I got a good deal on it. I would just like to know from some of you who my have had or seen what if any difference one could expect from swapping the RS# to the TRS.

I just have a problem with messing with a damn good set-up. This is my 3rd Busa (2000,2002,2003). My 1st busa 2000 all stock except for the small airbox mod, 2nd 2002 had Yosh race only duplex RS3 exhaust, small airbox mod, 1 tooth smaller front sprocket and a PC3R. My current one the 2003 with just the pipe air filter and PC3R just kicks ass.

So as you can see I don't want to take away from what is working so good, but I'm always wanting more power. So I guess it comes down to whether the TRS is louder and flows better than the RS3.

If you know something aboout the 2 different cans, please let me know. I like the sound of the RS3, but it could be a little louder for my tastes.
I listened to a busa with a trs full system about 5 minutes before i ordered my RS-3 duplex full system. I thought it was really quiet and it just didn't sound mean. I love my RS-3 and have yet to hear anything I like better....
I have a trs tri-oval and its not as loud and not as deep as the rs3. I shorten my can to get a better sound.

I will stick with the RS-3