Does this busa belong to...


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I just know I've seen the pics in this eBay auction somewhere before. After the scandal surrounding Rhythm's bike I try to cruise the eBay busa listings to see if it, or another of our bikes, pops up again. I was cruisin' 'em tonight and ran across this. Just thought I'd post and see if anyone here knows this seller or the bike. The seller's e-mail addy looks familiar, too... May be legit but the familiar pics and e-mail, along with the fact that the seller registered on eBay in Jan/2000 and only has a feedback of 1 just made me suspicious...


See Auction Here
I dunno, looks stock so it would be hard to tell...price seems about right be legit I mean...
You can prove it to yourself by sending him an email asking to look at it in person.  If he makes some excuse you got your answer.   :drink:
I wrote the guy that was selling Rhythm's bike, and told him that I wanted it.
I told him to shoot me a "buy it now" price and a location where I could pic it up.

Never got a return email. :cussing:

I SURE wanted THAT bike! :super:
I SURE wanted THAT bike! [/QUOTE]

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: U quazy Chris!