Fighting Bike scams on e-bay


I've done it a couple of times, and it works.

If you suspect there is a scam, it's a stolen bike, or other issue - let e-bay admins know about it.

Here is the link:

If the item is there illegaly, they will remove it.

Don't forget to include the item number.

e-bay admins can easily see the recent change in the account, contact the real owner, and determine whether the item is there


Obvious suspects are when you are looking for a bike, and get BS response from a seller (on vacation, will ship the bike, send money via Western Union, etc).

Another easy check for sellers with hundreds of feedbacks. Take a look at what they buy/sell. More often than not the auction

for a bike looks totally out of place (seen that from a seller who deals with kiddy stuff - books, crafts, etc.). It's a
clear indication that the account was hijacked by a crook (they do it by guessing paswords, or by sending e-mails from would

be e-bay asking to verify password. Some folks are too busy and don't pay attention, they click reply, put in their passwords, and there it goes).

e-bay admins are not capable of finding those crooks, but if we point them in the right direction they will be more than happy to get rid of them.
I have done that a couple of times myself, IG. Not long after the report I check back and find the link to the item is dead. The only problem is that sometimes the auctions are for very short durations (a day or so) and end before anything can be done.
That alone makes it almost necessary for EBay to set a minimum time...I know it's not going to happen that way, so if the auction ends 10 minutes after it started, that might be red flag #1...

Thanks for the info IG...that should help some people out...
Thanks for the heads up. i actually was looking at buyng a busa oin ebay. A guy was selling a busa for 6600 in va. asked to vcome look at it, then he emails me saying he lives in italy. Dude who the feazy believes that sheezy. Anyway i email him saying i am the FBI and interpol is onto thwm, yatta, yatta, yatta hour later the ad is gone! HMMM interesting