does my crank look OK? :)

This bike fell victim to oil starvation issues on journal #3. Was wondering if anyone could take a look and tell me what they think. The journal in question is in the second pic, just to the left of the section that has the 3 bolt holes 1 over the other.

I was told to do a fingernail check over the journal in question and if it got caught anywhere the crank would need to be ground. I did that and the section is pretty evenly worn, never got hung up in any one place when I did the check.


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take it to a machine shop and have it looked over professionally. I dropped my crystal ball the other and it broke. :laugh: I don't want to "LOOK" at it and say'oh, yeah, you're good, throw it back in and spin it up', know what I mean? better safe than sorry for a 3G motor.....:rulez:
If it is the one I am seeing... it looks slightly different than the other ones... (Maybe the oil film is patterened from your fingers?) Anyhow, if it were my crank, and oil starvation issues, and it was at all different looking, regardless of how it felt, I would NOT reuse it. 1+ above though, get it checked out by a pro... Honestly though if they say it is okay... i would still probably get a new one.


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Ya know I almost didn't open "does my crank look okay" fearing it was a gay thing...

Politically correct add on... "not that there's anything wrong with being gay...."

duh Wardie

Crank needs magnifluxed and thoroughly checked for a host of things. Like someone said take it to a reputable engine builder or better yet contact one of the .org sponsors who deal in that stuff and send them the pics and see if they want the cranck sent. At least with the .org folk you'll get the straight scoop the first time. WEardie :)


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I just had my engine rebuilt due to a lack of oil issue, exact same location, you can have it repaired for like $175 I think, I replaced mine with a lighten and couter balanced removed crank.

Dr E

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If you don't take it in, the real question is how much of your time, money and effort are you willing to risk on a suspect crank?


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crank needs work period.sit back look at all the other journals notice the smooth silky look,that bad one has bearing material all over it..notice the grey color,post pic of bearings...


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it took me a long time to open this thread as well. :whistle:

Get it inspected and repaired. On a different note wht are you doing to correct the oil starvation? :poke:
I'll second what everyone is saying. The journal is hurt, it might polish out at home but if you're unsure at all better off having a pro look at it.
The #3 rod bearing has spun on the crank journal. It needs to be welded up and ground back to factory specs. If you put another bearing in it without getting it fixed it will spin the bearing again.

Get it fixed properly.
Also, find out why it was starved of oil. I had an S-10 motor that I had the crank properly repaired after spinning a bearing do to oil starvation. I never found the cause, and one day it broke the connecting rod and pushed it through the side of the block.

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