Does anyone know what this guy means?


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I’m trying to help a new poster from Italy on a touring forum but? WTH does he mean? I told him that the Honda should have a wet clutch and the Harley shouldn’t so? Not sure if he’s saying what he wants to say. Any ideas?

“Hi guys I'm new to this forum. I'm italian. My name is Davide and my bike is honda shadow. But my friend has a beautiful HD Electra Glyde 1985 with a big problem: the oil clutch goes with engine oil. This is very strange. We know that the oil clutch has no pressure, while the engine oil has great pressure. So: how is it possible? In September we have to go to the faaker in Austria !!!!! Can anyone help us?”


The HD engines were at one time water pumps for the farming fields ;)
Little has changed , and by no means am I a expert on the HD . However I tooled up for the Three hole oil change for my retired sheriff deputy who lives a few streets over .
Engine oil is hole 1 , Trans mission is Hole 2 , and Clutch is holes 3 . Total amount of oil used on a 103 CI is just shy of 1 gallon .
The clutch is located on the left foot heal


Since the primary only holds a quart and usually is the same oil ran in the engine, it seems odd. The only place it could enter is the crankshaft and it is below oil level. Maybe being a 1985 it is "Sumping" a common condition where after running the oil seeps from the oil tank into the cases, indicating low oil on the dipstick. The owner, thinking the oil is low adds oil and then after running the engine has a high oil level after the oil in the cases is scavenged back to the oil tank?


It is also possible if it is a high miler, the bearing is loose, was a problem in some to crack the cases near the bearing. Usually pumped engine oil to the primary, but could do reverse possibly? Is a second year EVO engine, best engines were mid 90s.

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