Does an 99 busa with shorted exhausts will need remapping


hello i have an 99 busa with stock air filter and a little shorter leovinci exhausts made by me ... The bike runs fine but it does not scare me anymore .... it is me or the bike that have the problem ,..
And another question ..... the TRE will do something to an 99 busa or is just smoke



a lot of people have claimed that while the "shorty " exhaust looks nice the R&D that went into making the exhaust made it the original length for a reason and when chopped it will rob you of ponies :whistle:


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Is it a full system or just slip ons ? The TRE IMO is a waste on a 99 and 00. (period)

Slip ons.

Option 1) buy a $400 PC and get a $300 dyno tune.

Option 2) leave it alone. $000.00

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Is it a full system or just slip ons ? The TRE IMO is a waste on a 99 and 00. (period)
I have to disagree to a point.

I had a TRE on my 00. It causes you to run with either 5th or 6th gear fuel map in all gears (so you sure won't have to worry about running lean with a full exhaust) and it removes the timing retard on the lower gears making it smoother acceleration in those gears. Clearly it's not the best choice compared to a PCV or editing your ECU (which you can't do unless you upgrade to a 32bit system), but it is a lot cheaper.

Personally if I had to choose between nothing or a TRE on a 99 or an 00, I would go with the TRE. That said, I ended up upgrading to a 32bit system and editing my ECU. I also have a PCV because, at least for me, fuel mapping is much easier on the PCV than on the ECU.

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When the exhaust is altered, chances are that the ECU mapping must change, and it's possible that the air filter would have to change.

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