Does a new exhaust need anything else?

I had the Yoshimura TRS full exhaust installed on my 2006
busa and it seems to be running rich. The pipes just behind
the radiator seem to be getting a little discolored, is this normal?
Should I add anything else to the bike (e.g. PCIII)?

If I do not add anythings will it be damaging the bike?

a full exhaust system needs a pc3 to fix the air fuel ratio. Your bike is actually running lean right now. The discoloration is normal though.


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I just visited the power commander web site and they have all kinds maps. Just select your bike/yr and the set up you have (pipe,air filter) and get ready to download it. Some people say the unit comes with some basic maps pre-installed from factory but I dont know how true that is.


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The unit doesnt come loaded with maps but the cd that comes with it has the same database as the web site... so no need to even use the web to download... you will have all the maps that powercommander has on the cd...


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Got mine at for $259 to my door, came with 9v battery addapter, cable and cd rom.  They asked me what mods i've done to my bike and they loaded the PC with a map for me as well ( not one of the power commander maps either).  They have custom maps that they have developed from their race teams.  I've actually loaded both the power commander map and the one they gave me and noticed a difference.  The power commander map for my mods actually gave me a strange hesitation while cruising at about 4000 rpms and would sometimes bog down while on the throttle.  The bike would kind of feel like it was losing fuel for a moment then go back to normal.  I loaded the "custom map" they sent me and that problem went away and the bike felt alot better as well under power.  I know its no substitute for a real custom map but their maps are supposed to be a better starting point than the power commander maps, and it seems to have worked out better for me... they also increase the warrenty on PC's for 2 years instead of 1.

enough rambling for me...:O

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Don't know if Johnnycheese is still selling them but I highly recommend getting one from him if possible. He preloads a good map for your application. He's been tuning Busa's since the first crate was opened off the boat. PM him and find out. Patience will be in order.
I might get yoshi bolt ons and i was wondering if i would have to worry about this? My bike is completely stock.I would get a full system + pc3 +dyno tune but dont have the money.So id just get the bolt ons.

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