Do you shop for the best price???


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I had an interesting situation...I was in the process of making a major purchase for my bike...Of course I shop the internet for logistical reasons and the best price...I ran across a dealer that was closer to me and asked could they match the price of a dealer that was further away...Their position was no that they did not compete with like dealers...

Well as a consumer I have the ability to spend my change where I like and I certainly have the right to search/look and ask for the best price...

So in other words if I can't get the price I'm looking for from one ford dealer I go to the next...Eventually I find a competitive price (the price I was willing to pay) and the deal is done...Win, win situation I think...

Consumers make the demand...

What's your take...
I agree, if a place is not willing to match a price that someone else is advertising, why buy from them? Keep looking untill you get what you want. the first place must be doing pretty well to have such a set price so they don't really need your business... that's my two pennies
It's the American way and has been for a very long time. Our free enterprise system of buying and selling is one reason people flock to our borders. Lots of other reasons also, but this is one of them. IMO anyway....
Agreed STUNNAH. They should realize that turning customers down like that will hurt their business. Word of mouth advertisement is the best.
I shop just like Stunnah does. I only buy oil and oil filters at my local dealers. Their markup is incredible :eek:

I agree absolutely, with one little caveat. If I am buying something that is going to require maintenance down the road, or tuning or potential warranty work I try to go with who is convenient to me and who I trust. When buying the Busa I saw several posts about this 02SE for $9100 here or this 02SE for $9300 in freaking El Paso. Sounded good but I felt it would be better long term to forge a good relationship with the guys at my local dealership. That way, if the thing goes Tits Up they know me, they know my riding habits, they know my service record etc, and they take care of me… 3 Cases of Corona sort of helps as well. So with the Busa, the lowest price was not top priority…
But for most of my Items I shop the web and really research the best prices. But hell it takes me a half hour to pick out what kind of cereal I want from the grocery store… so I tend to take my time…
As you all know, I searched for a while before settling on a dealer...I gave all of my area dealers a chance to at least give me something to think about, but they were so far out in left field and not willing to come down, so I went to NC and found a guy who's prices couldn't be beat...

Sure, I'm now in the position of avoiding a dealer in particular because I turned him down, but for $2000, you'd drive out of state too! Knock on wood, so far I've been able to get all the help/info I need on my bike by calling the dealer in NC, or heading to a local performance shop that specializes in sport bikes...IMHO, that dealer should have tried a bit harder to keep my business, especially since my husband's been buying from him for a while now...

Price was an issue for me...if any area Suzuki dealer refuses me warranty service because I didn't take his "deal", then I'll just contact Suzuki and make his life miserable...I'm sort of b*tchy like that! :tounge:
My dealer will match any price I find online.  I have to pay sales tax, but if I have problems, it's much easier to return it to my dealer than online.  Not to mention that he will install most of the stuff I get for a reasonable price (front brake lines and frame savers).

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It's good to have the support of reasonable people on this issue...I hope this guys business continues to grow and that he makes a lot money...Competitive pricing is what it's all about...We're all competitive or we would not be members of this site... :super:
Showing support for your local dealer can be tough. My dealer is a great guy, but many are not as reasonable about prices. We have a Honda and Kawasaki dealer near by that have set prices that they don't budge on. One of the many reasons I bought a Busa over a ZX12!!
When I bought the Busa, I checked the dealerships from Pueblo to Denver (I'm just about in the middle and have 2 dealerships here) I ended up taking the deal in Denver, nad I don't like the dealers here in the Springs. I end up going either to the Denver shop or to another shop about halfway in between (Castle Rock) for service. The Castle Rock guys never give me grief for not buying there and are happy for me to come. I was straight with all the sales guys and told them I was going to take the best I could get wherever. So hey, it is America and is the American way!!! Stick 2 your guns bro!
On parts and acc. I shop price hard. I don't usually by cars or bikes new but for purchases of that size relationships definitely matter as does price.
I agree also.  If they're not willing to work with you then see ya later.

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I shop around and then buy from my mechanic who gives me the best price. If the item is identical, then the lowest price makes the sale. Capitalism, I love it.
Yep I shop around, to a fault! With me it's like a dicease. I have gone so far around the long way its costs me more than just gettin it local. I have allways gotten good deals on cars I get the dalers in a price war... Heck my Busa came from Florida to Hawaii $9500 vs $11,900

One BIG mistake was building a Cottage in back of my house for my mom, got alot of help. Bought a lumber package had it shipped over... it was endless amounts of work... and looking back I didnt save that much. Shoulda had contractors bid on it. :sad:

With all most everything but groceries, I hate standin in line, just give me the damn beer & cereal and I am out there!
:D Good thing my wife does the shopping.
i purchase about 250-300 grand in supplies for my business every year, for a long time i bought from pretty much one supply house then i did some price shopping and found i was getting screwed about 25k a year! so i called in a especially large order and asked the manager oh how much is the total going to be? areyou sure that is the best price? he said "we always give you the lowest price, do you want that delivered to your shop?" i said no thanks and found a better deal with someone else. Since then they have lost about40k of my business and the owner has called twice ,offered me 2boston/yankee tics, 4 patriots tics(im very tempted). So i guess it pays to shop around sometimes.btw if he mentions superbowl im taking em! ;)
in the seattle area there are 7 suzuki dealerships and that makes it real competetive, some dealers will lowball around here, and it makes for getting a good deal, 3 dealers I know wont tell other dealers of any deals they quote for you, so you can keep going till you get to rock bottom. oh and seattle is the suzuki capitol of the world, the newest suzuki building has an indoor motocross track! rock on and keep lowballin, the lower prices are, the more stuff people will buy, the more people buy the better the industry...
I'm a comaparative shopper I compare prices for just about everything. Its my dollar and I'm trying to get as much as i can with it! I just think of it as good stewardship! :cool: