Do they make the black LE versions each year?


I've been waiting since the initial production of the Hayabusa to get one and this (2004) is going to be the year :devil: . My question is this:
Does Suzuki offer the all-black Limited Edition model each year? I've seen several brand-new ones for sale on E-bay (usually from a dealer in Canada) but have never seen them on the Suzuki site.
If they are available, is it something I can have my local dealer jump on and order for me? I love the all-black but have been buying from my dealer for a long time and would hate to go around him for this bike (he's been trying to sell me one for two years).

The LE-SE-Midnight Falcons were made in 2002 In the States, and 2003 just about everywhere except the states. But try to order one directly from Canada, there will be some things you have to do but you will be able to save a good chunk of change. Check in General for some more info, someone just bought there 03 Midnight from Canada, saved a good bit...