2005 LE questions


I've been looking for a clean 06 Hayabusa LE with the gray/silver on white paint scheme. I found a guy that has an 05 with these same colors. I can't find any stock pics of an 05 with the 06 LE paint, only black on black. Did they make an 05 LE that was white? He swears it's an 05, but I'm wondering if the VIN on the bike matches the numbers on the title. Thanks in advance.

P.S. I sold my 2000 GSX-R750 to buy a Ducati SC 1000S about a year ago and I'm missing my speed too much. That's why I'm selling the Duc to go back to a GSX-R. Can't wait to be back in the saddle of a faster bike!
Thank you Acehole. It appears that there is no white 05 Busa. It has either been repainted or he is wrong about the year. BTW, the new White Busa is gorgeous!
Welcome to the .Org. The '05 LE was solid gray; the '06 LE was mostly white, with some silver. My '05 LE, with Yosh bolt-ons and a Suzuki "double-bubble":