*** DIVORCE FORCES SALE *** of Rubb's Hayabusa


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Well folk's...as the saying goes:

"Nothing last's forever."

Please pass the info along to anyone who might be interested in Rubb's Busa.

2007 Busa.

It will be a "Best Offer" price. Details in the Bikes for sale section.

Thank's RSD.
We just got ole Rubb back, I hope the sale doesn't force you off the grid again. Good luck with the divorce buddy.
One divorce is all I can afford in my life. Wish you were closer. We could make it "disappear".
Well at least I still have you guys.... *HUGS*

YUK....did I really say that. :puke:

Yer all still a bunch of Bastids thou...

:laugh: RSD.
Congratulations bc no marriage that's going well ends in one! More time to do what you want.
sorry to hear this, RSD! been there, done that a couple times and it isn't any fun...best advice i ever received was to hold steady and don't make any major moves until things settle down a bit and you know exactly where you're going to land
Sorry to hear this bro. I hope everything works out the best it possibly can for both of you.