Dirty Paws……… Please be nice, I need honest opinions.


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Just heard this song and this version for the first time tonight and hope that you guys will give some hits on the YouTube site.
Give me your open and honest opinions, this is my youngest singing with her best friend on the guitar.
A year ago when they were only 15.
Thanks for the ear!

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Her voice is AMAZING! I really like the guitar too, it is put together well.
Of Monsters and Men covers are not easy, so kudos to them both for the great job! Seriously, your daughter has a beautiful voice and this is coming from a huge fan of music & singers since I was a child. I drive Omar nuts picking out my favorite instrument in every song - the human vocal cords, while he feels every singer gets in the way of his drum beat :laugh:

Very nice. She has a great voice. I have been playing music for almost 50 years, and have found nothing else that gives me pleasure like making music with my friends.:guitar:
So I listened to the whole thing.

I had never heard this song so I had to go find the original.

Your daughter's version is much better than the original. She has a great voice.
Hello everyone,
Thank you all for the positive comments and the likes, I like them all as well.
I know she is my little girl but it is time to face the music and realize she is not so little anymore and will be doing great things in the not so distant future. Hard to let go of the youngest.
Her friend and her are an awesome team and I can only imagine what the future holds for them.

I will keep you updated as to their progress.

Big Luv to all the Orgsters!
Very nice, not sure why but she reminds me of another female artist.

Amy McDonald is who i was thinking of.
Very nice, not sure why but she reminds me of another female artist.

Amy McDonald is who i was thinking of.

Had to look her up. Thanks for the info, she's very good!

Thanks to all, I am a very proud dad, Mitch! Wish we could have met up! Maybe next time and I hope you are keeping contact on FB!
Sorry to report this news, but the Guitar player on this video has a brain tumor that must be removed as soon as possible.
She is a very talented musician and an even better friend to my youngest.

We are rallying around her and asking for prayers for a quick and painless recovery.

Thank you all!