Damn Reflcters


After taking the front reflectors I tried to take the rears off and came across a problem.In the rear the front screw on both sides are so tightly turning but doen't wanna come out.
Has anyone come across a thing like this with there reflectors.
Newbie here Please Help to get this Damn rear Reflecters out .
( I was so Frustrated I bent them in) :devil:
They have nutz on the other side! That's why they keep spinnin on ya. Take some of the rear plastic off to access the nutz!

I know some people that just used a dremel to get rid of the screws and then found out later that the nuts were on the other side.

I really didn't feel like taking all the plastic off so I just pulled down on the reflector to put some pressure on the nuts and then unscrewed them. It worked but I couldn't find one of the nuts later, it fell out somewhere on the road though.
Yeah, Welcome to your "Wrenching on the Busa Introduction" The rear reflectors messed me up for quite awhile. The fronts were no problem so I figured I would just quickly snatch the rears outta there...GRRR hour and a half later... The trick is to lever the metal bracket down a bit will unscrewing them, if you get just enough tension on them they will come out. The nut will be left behind but with a bit of taping and thwacking of your undertail they will bounce forward and out up by the pilots seat. Or you can completely undue your rear end to get to them. It's not you though...They are really a pain in the ass...
I just forced a socket extension down in there and the back nut came right off. Used a magnetic tool to get the nut out. 10 minutes tops. :super:
I just let the nutz rattle around till they fell out whereever they did...I have no plans on putting the reflectors back on so I just said to hell with the nutz :laugh:
Pressure on the reflector mount, like described above will do it. Don't worry about the nuts that fall off inside the tail plastic--they will fall out when you do your undertail mods. Oh yes you will!!