Custom Painted Hayabusas


i've noticed that quite a few people have their bikes painted a custom color or way... thats next for me, after i install an HID kit... i have an '03 black/grey, but its becoming real bland to me... awesome bike, boring paint scheme... i have to fix the right fairing first, (old fossil cut out in front of me, dumped it, scratched all to hell...) but after that is completed i was thinking a full H.O.K pearl cobalt blue paint job.... one solid color..... no stickers, graphics, etc. trying to get some ideas of colors out there.... definently a fan of blue... but wanna see everyones, if they r willing to display it... thanx,
The 01 Busa I had for 3 years was completly customized, I can't get any of the pics I have of it to upload, the site says they are all too big.
It was painted Chevy huggar orange, (from a 69 Camaro) no stickers, no logo's just all orange, it was a real eye catcher. I had chrome stock wheel, rotors, and calipers, sprocket, drive hub, bar ends, triple tree. It also had a polished frame, polished 4 inch stretched swingarm, orange covered seats.
I am a big fan of a solid color, with no logos or stickers, I now have a deposit on a 05 LE, (waiting...) and I plan to take all the logos of it when I get it, so I will be solid gunmetal.
Uaintlobusa, you can go into Paint under 'accessories' on your desktop and reduce the size of the images. Or you can send them to me and I'll do it and post 'em for 'ya.
My bike has just finished a 2000 dollar paint job and finally all the customs I will be posting pics real soon...awesome looking
Mine is a black with a deep red pearl flake in it. All my friends are always giving me crap because I am color blind so they tell me it is purple, and when I had the SE red, said it was pink.



That's just cuz I suck. YOU are faster, but my bike is still faster than yours!!! Next time you come to the track, I'll be ready to spank that a$$
Carmen.... I saw Pats bike on SH.Org, kinda liked the colors and varied it a bit, turned out like this.....

orange is chevy sunset orange metallic (04 cavalier color.. very cool.. the color.. not the car)

gray is chevy dark charcoal grey metallic (04-05 chevy silverado color)

white is chevy summit white (long time chevy color for tahoes, silverado, and just about anythign else you've seen thats white and has a bowtie)

doubled the metallic in all the colors, and added copper pearl in the clear coat..

kinda makes the white look like a melted cream sicle in the right light...