Custom Painted Fairings Sources

I was wondering about these as well. I didn't get any response on my thread either. Maybe someone will chime in.

Has anyone purchased these fairings? If so, how was the fit and finish? Is it ready to paint?  

Any good sources for custom paint in the Memphis, TN area?
Sorry not much help... why are you looking to pay those prices when you normally can find slightly damaged or scratched plastic on and paint? When I bought my busa in 2001, I removed that factory set and bought used scratched plastic on ebay. I had it repaired and painted...flawless. I remember paying $75.00 for the scratched nose. Bargain!

Two things, I lowsided my bike and need replacement oem plastics. Then I wanted another set for custom paint. If I could buy this set all at once and not have to search ebay everyday then I would. I just wondered if anyone has used or looked at these?

contact them and tell them what u want if u need the phone number email me and ill send it to u..