Count down to the 220+hp ninja eater


The Watcher
Well looks like 6 more days to go until I get the Ninja Eater back with 220hp (low) - 280hp (high pump) still on Dyno
3 dyas to go...

TJ going with a modifyed Hahn.
Different Waste gate
Differend Blow off pipe
Running into Duel HMF cans
Slight mod in the injectors.
Building an intercooler to put on later
Dyno Thursday and Friday, so we will see.
No, but similar. Guys @ CM Performance doing for me. i would have loved Dennis's work but he is in Ohio and i am not. the guys @ CM are very good I have been dealing with them for a couple of years.
I like the idea of the 2 HMF cans.

VERY sneaky!

Now, if you can race everyone from a roll down the highway..............It'll be too late before they know what hit em!
Hey Mike.........was just'd you come out after leaving Bose??? Everything work out OK?
OMG!!!!!!!!! never mind!!!!!!!!!!! I accidently went to the last page of posts.........DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Guess I shouldn't be sitting in a hotel and
so much and trying to type!!
sweet bejeebies, Sled....this damn thing's four years old!
Now THAT'S what I call a resurrection!

And yeah...I'm curious to know how life in Fl is, NE.
at least I'm good at diggin old crap up!!! maybe I should try and find some stuff from Kerberos and drag that outta the mothballs huh?
now there was a NUTS individual!
I know...I was reading this thinking
I know I saw a post a few months ago about the Green Dragon pushing 315hp. I was confused...Why would he be excited about losing hp.

But..I'm good now