Cooling problem...


Here's the catch... I have a 1999 Busa that would over heat while in stop and go traffic. Just finished installing a secondary fan, flushed out the remaining coolant and filled it up with engine ice. Now here's the problem, started up and let it run for a period of time. The needle stayed at half way all the time, but the overflow bottle level started rising almost to the point that it reached the opening. I have no clue what so ever of why would it be doing this :banghead: Any ideas??? Oh, and of course the fan didn't turn on because the temp was reading half way but does work.
Have you "Burped" the system? Many different ways of doing this. You may still have air in the system. I had the same problem after I installed a second fan, and changed the radiator fluids on my 02'. Do a search..Good luck!