Controlling flash rate for LED turn signals

(05BusaLe @ Feb. 15 2007,21:41)
(BLACK051K @ Feb. 16 2007,00:01) Try thermal relay #262 first.

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If problem still exist resistors is the way to go....

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The problem lies in the 4 way flasher circuit that is not shown here or in the 1999 service manual I have a copy of. There must be something very different between the 2. I will look around for a diagram, if I cant find one then I will just dig in to my bikes wiring as I have to slow down my flash rate as well!
I have a 2002, no hazard light switch on mine

Where can I get thermal relay #262??
(jjmetheny @ Feb. 15 2007,22:06) I'm running led front signals and a led rear integrated taillight/turn signals with no resistors only that flasher and they flash at a normal rate. Sorry it didn't work for you.
But do you have LED rear turn signals and integrated LED taillights?? That's 4 LED lights in back.

No sweat though, worse case scenario I'll have to put in resistors for the front turn signals.
Here's a pic of my electrical wiring schematic.

In case someone knows exactly what I need

(Charlesbusa @ Feb. 16 2007,00:22) Where can I get thermal relay #262??
Autoparts store.

I might have found what you need,here.....

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