color smoking tires and elec. shift kits

i think you need to ride the bike stock for a while before you go adding gadgets to change the way the bike runs and operates. those tires you are thinking on are junk, and only good for one thing burns and at your skill level that should be the farthest thing from your mind. Ride the bike stock for a whole season get to know the machine then think on modding. This machine is very unforgiving you dont want to find out just how much.
hey viper thanks for the advice. i do want to do upgrades and everything to the bike but u r right i know i gotta get a lot more experience first. gear and safety r definitely first on my list of things to do and get. I'm just looking into stuff that i can do that might make the bike easier for me to ride through my learning stage. i was thinking that the shifter might make things a little easier. and the tire well i just thought that was cool. i probably wont get it cause im not really one for showing off like that. i might never smoke my tire anyway so it would be a wast for me.
Hey buddy good thoughts for sure. I would scrap the tire thought and get some good safe rubber on her like dunlops or mich. Avons good to. As for upgrades i wouldnt worry a ton on them until you are comfortable and safe with her the way she is. Though i encourage beauty mods at anytime!! Performance mods will come in time for sure. Search the site some there are a ton of mods for the gen1 that cost little.
I've posted it already, but the best upgrades I think you can do at this time are full gear and a few motorcycle safety courses.
Man, its some good advice being dropped in here. I agree with these guys. Gear and MSF courses are the way to go now. Also, good quality tires are a safe bet. Also, I tell lots of people, on of the best mods is the rider mod. Get some seat time with your bike before you go and upgrade things.
ive been riding the bike all day today up and down the alley just tryin to get some time and familiarity with the bike. i think i went as fast as 20mph today yaaayy! next summer is the summer im gonna do some major cool stuff to the bike. i know there is some bike shows here in chicago in march i know they have some real good deals thats when I'm gonna get all the good safety gear.
+1000 to what DO3 above posted. After gear and skill improvement, suspension set up is best bang-for-buck "mod" IMHO (I paid a local shop $35 to do this for me, best money spent thus far). What do you intend to use your Busa for? Show? Go? Tour? Then mod/upgrade accordingly.

Most mere mortals like me can NEVER ride the bike to its fullest potential (speed, handling and braking) so my bike is VERY lightly modded: V&H headers, YOSH R-77 slip-ons, PC5 (bought ss braided lines because pashnit had them on sale). All other mods are for comfort/touring: AGV levers, Breakaway cruise control, heli-bars, mirror extenders, Clearwater lights, MRA vario screen, gel seat. Also have a GPS, radar detector, Speedohealer and Back-Off brakelight modulator, frame sliders.