clutch fluid


How often do you guys have to add clutch fluid??? This question might lame to some, but I'm asking because I want to know if I have a potential issuse on the horizon. I added fluid at the begining of the riding season and had to add more yesterday (shifting like crap-ola) got home took the cap off and she was bone dry:dunno:
I would definitely say there's an issue there. Did you check all the lines for cracks or leaks? That would be my first step.
Not to mention, you are getting air in the system, which means the clutch won't function. In the meantime, use clutchless on both up and down if you need to get around. finding neutral without a clutch is fun, but you will get it.

gotta take the left side panel out. Add more fluid. Wipe everything clean around the line and both master and slave cylinders. Squeeze a few times and observe. If you find nothing. You gotta pull the sprocket cover and see if it leaks in there by any chance.

Good luck and let us know. I'd be curious to know where the leak is.
i have been looking into this and with your fairing off take your finger and put it behind the slave and pump your clutch see if its leaking (finger will show wet fluid) on your chain also check you belly wing for excessive dirt buildup
I haven't had the time to really look at the line. (Hopefully this afternoon)

68camaro, it doesnt look like alot of dirt/grime build up, but once I get the L/S panel off I can get a better look.

I'm really hoping its just a crack in the line, she's a 99 and I'm willing to bet the lines have never been replaced.