clutch issues after winter storage

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so i put the battery back in my bike, fired it up let it heat up and went to go shift. The clutch is very faint, I took the res cap off and checked the fluid. It was empty. then I put fresh fluid in and cracked the line open at the bottom by coolant res. Fluid was very dirty..
How can I bleed this And get all that nasty fluid out & get a solid lever back


remove the clutch line and blow it out with air. drain the master cylinder. Make sure the brake fluid does not get on any paint. Reassemble, bleed the clutch at the sprocket cover, also bleed at the bolt on the master cylinder
crack the bleeder and bleed it like any other hydraulic.
Clutch always gets nasty compared to the brakes, look how many more times its used then the brakes.

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yeahh but where would the fluid go is what i don't understand? why was my clutch working now it's not. It was in the garage where it get to a lowest of i'll say 40? not even freezing, And i took the battery. Started right up after about 3 cranks & ran perfect all the way up til operating temp.
Due to the face the res was basically empty & the clutch got better/worse as I added some fluid I HOPE that's all that's wrong is theres alittle air in the line somewhere.

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do you know where it would leak? literally no puddles anywhere. Was fine when i put her away, just fired it up (it sat maybe 2 mo without trying to actually move it) so i didn't touch the clutch for 2mo. when i did like i said the bike would grab when the clutch lever was pulled. And fluid res was empty. there's NO visable fluid leak anywhere..

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This same thing happend to my friend on his trike goldwing. Same thing empty res, needed to bleed than it was fine. WHERE DOES THE FLUID GO! lol

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