Clutch Cover Bolts


Changed my clutch cover gasket. The person who owned the bike before me put a MTC Race clutch in her. It was leaking from that area. Installed a new gasket and Suzuki Silicone.
Went to put 7lbs of torque on the 6mm bolts like the Service manual said and snapped 3 bolts. Got them out ok, but after I had to take the cover of 3 times in a row to get the bolts out. That silicone is so messy. So I was talking to the dealer when getting new bolts. He stated that he never puts that much torque on them, he just goes tight with the ratchet, and tightens if needed later in areas.

So has anyone else have these problems?
that strange because 7lbs[84 in.lbs.]is nothing,defect in bolts.guy before you probally over torque them
Ist of all, you do not need the messy silicon! Just use the gasket. My hand is the torque wrench and never had a problem.