Chrome Wheels

Save yourself the headache and polish yours. Some places can even do it while its still on the bike.
Chroming is a long process that can last awhile...but rarely forever.

There are ways to cheap out on the process.Like going from copper to the chrome tank,skipping the nickle etc.

Before something is chromed,it is polished.So you could polish them,and chrome them later.

I have had polished wheels and will never do it again.Have you ever tried maintaining them.:banghead: Some say,just get them clear coated.Nah...its great till the clear goes yellow,and eventually flakes.

Chinese chrome plating? I imagine it would look great...for about 2 weeks. :laugh:

Save yourself the headache and polish yours. Some places can even do it while its still on the bike.

Polishing is a horid dirty job that requires some big equipment. You actually know of a company that will do this with the wheels still on the bike,and the tires still mounted.

What would be the names of these companies?

Not looking to buy any right now but I was just seeing what's out there for future reference and I found these.

17''Rear Motorcycle Chrome Plated Wheels Rims Suzuki GSXR 600 750 1997 1998 1999 | eBay

The price is nice but I'm a little leary since they come from.... China! I've learned the hard way not much good comes from China. ???

The stockers are aluminium right? Maybe I'll just have them polished one of these days.

Look at that picture,that chrome is wafer thin,full of imperfections. Those wheels would last about 10 minutes. They may not even survive the tires being mounted.


RSD has some very good points!!
I've had polished. Will NEVER make that mistake again. You WILL spend more time wiping the bike, than riding it.

I've used SportChrome in California for many years and were happy with them.
After looking at the add again that price is only for one wheel! I thought it was for the set and it does look a tad wavy close up. I tell ya when it comes to China you just can't trust it. There used to be this stuff called Zoop seal that would keep aluminum wheels from tarnishing. Apparently they went out of biz but the guy that created it started up another company Will have to look into it more.