Ceramic coated exhaust


I have a 2002 busa turbo. I have full stainless steel exhaust. I am looking into having the header, turbine housing, and down pipe ceramic coated by swaintech. I've heard some people claim the turbo can spool up a few hundred rpm faster similar to a turbo blanket. Some have claimed the turbo can spool up to 500 rpm faster and drop the temp of the pipes up to a couple hundred degrees. It is pricey though, but I would have some corrosion protection, the pipes are stainless steel and have minor rust. I really like the look of it but really want it for the performance aspects. From what ive gathered the coating from swain tech is the real deal not just for visual appearance. Any of you guys are gals have any input?
No turbo help but I love my Brock's AlienHead which is ceramic coated black.
It's cool withing a couple minutes of turning bike off. Other pipes will scald you for a while.
This one is cool enough to touch in short order. It def makes a thermal diff.
Jet-Hot Ceramic Coatings
Do your research mine are silver.

I've "researched" quite a bit that's how I came across swaintech. Some claim to be superior over jet hot as it is applied much thicker and isn't paint with ceramic added. I've read quite a few claiming the coating has faded or chipped but I've also heard parts were coated ten years ago still in great shape. I was only inquiring if anyone had any real world data to provide as far as performance. I have a turboed 2002 that generates quite a bit of heat so I'd like to try to drop a few degrees temp by the motor and radiator some. Here's a link to swain tech let me know what you think.

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I've researched and came up with swain tech. I've heard mixed experiences with jet hot and not with swaintech. I'm just looking for some real world data. How much has your temps lowered since getting coated?

The only real way to get a definite answer would be controlled tests with a temperature gun.
Same bike, same exhaust, different exhaust coating, same outside temperature and humidity, same engine operating temperature, ect.
Having 2 identical bikes and modifications, only one with a coated exhaust and the other not, still leaves the door open for argument.
I'm surprised that Brocks hasn't ran a ss Alienhead vs a ceramic coated Alienhead and measured the temperature difference(who knows, maybe they have).
I'm sure there would be a measurable difference, but likely only a few degrees. I would think it would really only matter if you were a serious racer looking for every ounce of power available; and that the measurable time difference on paper would be several decimal places to the right.
If money is no option, you prefer the looks, and want the coolest running bike as possible, then why not. I've considered it myself and still may at some point.
I see it as having more benefit in a car, where heat is trapped under a hood and keeping the engine that much hotter.
Pm Powerhouse, he's the resident professional turbo builder. He'd be the one to give you a real world realistic answer.