Can I do it?


I want to go 9.50 on my busa. Mods include ATRE, power commander, gutted yosh 4-2-1 rs-3, slammed front and back, strapped, clutch mod, clutch cushion, air box mod, and michelin pilot pure. My best time on stock tires with a messed up clutch was 10.10 at 140 with a 1.72 60'. I weigh 200 in full gear. I should have been able to break into 9.90 given I had a better clutch but when it doesn't react to commands the way it should it makes it a bit more challenging.
I would have said that it is possible, having looked at some of my old data, the 60' time on my Gen 1 was usually around 8 seconds short of my ET. If I ran a 1.72 sixty foot I would run a 9.7 and so on. Getting your 60's down will help and practice will only improve your times, getting full throttle as soon as possible helps too. I was running a longer wheelbase so my 60's will probably not compare to yours. Good luck trying, the power is there.
At stock wheel base it's going to be a little tougher with your weight but is possible. Has the bike been tuned? Your MPH seems very low for the mods...
I'd get back to the track with the new should be 9.7 -.8 @ 145 pretty easy with your weight. If you can get the launch down 9.5's are possible but will be tough...
I'd get back to the track with the new should be 9.7 -.8 @ 145 pretty easy with your weight. If you can get the launch down 9.5's are possible but will be tough...

Yep. Waiting for all this arctic tundra to thaw out. I'd be happy with 9.70 consistently. I really think I'll be able to dip down into the 1.5 range 60' given I have a bit more seat time which in turn should help me score my desired 1/4 et. I'm itchin to ride though. Bike's been put up and apart since late october....:banghead:
I was going 1.52-1.55 60's on mine 6" longer. Stock motor with bolt ons and a stock header un-tuned. I was running 10.0's all night long in the high 130mph range. I'm hoping my new set-up proves to get me well into the 9's on motor, and with my new spray bar set up I'm hoping for some LOW 9's. I'm a big boy, so gonna have to work at it though, dam food! Why does it have to be sooo good????
Yep, it can be done...but like the fellas above already mentioned, it ain't gonna be easy. Your gonna have to get those 60's down by .2 which doesn't sound like much but is a whole world away when your trying to get them there.
Here is a video of me on my 04 LE back in 04. The bike had stk exhaust(cans removed), stk flapper intact and working, no PC, no reflashed ecu, and at stk wheelbase. I was 185 suited at the time and foot shifting. Also running pump gas. The air/altitude was very good at the time. A month later i was running consistant 9.5's w/ 1.53-1.55 60's. Ended up doing a best of 9.48 and 9.49 w/ 1.52 and 1.51 60' respectively.
In the video, you can see my 60's on some passes up on the board as i'm going down the track. You'll notice one pass in the 9.3's at 150mph. That was my first pass running nitrous. That pass shows a 1.55 60' which was my best ever as of that time. Too bad i missed 5th gear TWICE on that run! You can here it in the video and the slo-mo. Was hard to get the upper gears on nitrous when i was foot shifting.
Here is the link:
- marksvideo[/url]