cam chain tensioner


I know this is an old topic, but you'll have to humor me.  My bike is on it's second hydraulic cam chain adjuster.  It's extremely noisy and is in the shop again to be checked. This is because the first seemed noisy and when checked it had eaten some of the teeth off the adjuster.  I understand how it works and that it will be noisy because of oil pressure fluctuations and chain wear.  It's an understatement to say that all the noise is not confidence inspiring, but does not seem to effect performance.
   My question is to change to a manual adjuster or not.  I have no problem doing maintenance so would not mind the added chore.  Is it worth the piece of mind or should I stick to the hydraulic?  I have a manual adjustor on order from schnitz and was told that this web site had a good run down on installation and adjustment.  I looked through the site, but couldn't find anything.
   I appreciate anyones help or comments especially if you've done the switch already.  Thanks
  Malachi have you had the third mod i.e. hydraulic line? The reason I'm asking I haven't heard of any failing in this area yet! Diffinately go with the A.P.E. manual adjuster which will come with instructions. In the wrong hands these can be trouble( set to tight or to loose ). There isn't a lot of room for error in timing chain as it can jump and bend a whole bunch of valves.  
Is this the Suzuki recall? Reason why I ask is I've just had my 2nd CCT done on warranty/recall at 14 years old, the upgrade included a new oil pipe removing oil starvation in the CCT :). If your are having issues after this mod, I would suggest a manual CCT, setup in a w/shop as to reiterate dlind's post if not tightened correctly, ultimately valves can hit pistons.

Good Luck :)