Buying a new Busa soon


Will be the first brand new bike i've ever bought.
Is there anything I should know going into it?
Anything out of the ordinary I should be asking the dealer?
Is there anything on the bike I should be checking or giving special attention?
Some dealers try to screw customers out of the hump or rear seat. You get both with the bike.

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Not everyone will receive the great customer service the way I did. I went to Romney Cycles in Romney, WV and they did everything to ensure that it was it my likings. The additional parts like the hump and OEM pipes were readily available when I took delivery.
yes my dealer tried to bang me on the hump :)
also took the $400 incentive for themselves and didnt tell me about the pipe deal.
I was able to tongue lash them and I got it all but i shouldnt of had to.

dont get the extended warranty from a dealer at time of purchase. you can get them cheaper if you wish later.
know your credit score if your financing
I think the guys have all the good advise covered...
Safety Gear and let the mods begin, take lots of pictures so you can remember what she looked like when you bought her.

Shortly you will be overrun with all the dam mods you will be putting on her, pray for him brothers...

Welcome to the madness...

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If you don't care about color see if you can get a better deal on a brand new older GenII. 08 and up are all the same except the latest ones have the brake upgrade stock. The older Gen2 brakes really are quite adequate for street riding IMHO.
Yes, Save money on the bike; spend on mods.

Brocks Full system exhaust new Alien head or CT shortmeg. ECU flash or Bzazzaz fuel module and Speedohealer. Get BST CF wheels if you can afford. Carrazzeria wheels are nice too but not even close to the weight reduction. Shorai lithium iron battery. Pazzo levers, get some reasets, I like Vortex but I have Satos which are also very nice (just a bit small lookin on a busa). Quickshifter is mighty cool. I have an HM, I'd go with the Bazzaz fuel module that has QS and TC.

so there. you're in another 6K$ good luck shopping, brother.