Buy me a beer! Need advice- honeymoon stuff


Hey Org, here for some fatherly advice, seeing as I'm still one of the younger kids around the forum.

So I get married in August after coming back from Afghanistan, and I'm in charge of the wedding website, and the registry stuff.
I've already created a Sears registry, and a Bed Bath and Beyond registry. I found what they call honeymoon registries, where essentially, people pay for your honeymoon one piece at a time. I wondered if this was too "trashy" and if I would get any bad feedback from adding this to our wedding website? Everything is done by paypal, the site has good reviews, so it's not a ripoff, and it could potentially save me some money! (more moneys Hayabusa mods!) Post up your input, or what you did for your registries if you have any good ideas.

Either way, here's the link:
Honeymoon Registry

PS - Buy me a beer.. the fiance said if I do this, then I can only have as much alcohol as we get donations for.. luckily beer is cheap :)
hah.. already paid too much for the wedding to run away now :p Plus who wants to run away from this?

Looks like your on the right track. As far as registries go thats not trashy at all,how else will people know what the newlyweds want or need. My wife and I have been married for 14 1/2 years and back when we decided to wed my parents moved out of the house and we were in the process of buying the house. The house needed some work so we registered @ Home Depot. Our friends thought we were crazy, but after we explained our reasons they figured it was a good idea. We wound up getting mostly gift cards from H.D. but it pretty much paid for all the drywall,paint and carpeting that we needed.
Congrats on the wedding and good luck.
I think it boils down to what you think your family and friends are willing to pay. If the roles were reversed,would you pay the extra for someone honeymoon? However Cash gifts are often given at weddings.

I would get more input from friends and family. They are the ones who you will have to deal with in the future.
My wife and I were already pretty well established before we met so we when we decided to get married we registered with Carnival Cruise line. People can then buy you Carnival Cash to use toward a vacation or honeymoon. We didn't think many would end up doing it, but boy were we wrong. Apparently it made it alot easier on folks to just call the number and give their credit card number rather than shop for someone.

Long story short we ended up with our entire 8 day cruise paid for plus about $500 spending cash on the boat. :thumbsup:
Ya we seriously thought about a cruise. We just went on one in December, and want to try out an all inclusive resort. Any recommendations on all inclusives? We only wanna do that because we spent way too much money on drinks on the ship :p
Check out Puerto Rico. In August it is nice an warm there and I think they consider it the off season. I went and it was a blast and CHEAP!