Buy back my busa from insurance for $1200

Hey guys, spreading the word on my recently totaled busa.
my fiance' and I were rear ended at about 10mph, totaling our busa (attached is the cracked frame pics). I am limited on pics because they are in USAA's salvage yard, but you all the get the point.
The plastics are busted, the exhaust is toasted, and the frame is cracked. That's all.
The bike had 23k miles on it and was completely stock. No engine damage, I even believe the radiator is still fine, and the rear rim and tire I don't even think are bent. Low impact collision just unfortunately cracked the frame and now it's totaled.
My loss is your gain. I will buy the bike back for $1200 if I can get someone to promise to buy the bike from me for $1200 (tips are accepted lol)
I only have about 3 more days to do this so get back to me asap.
first come first serve.

Screenshot (10).png

Screenshot (9).png

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