Busa vs. R12 shootout vid


Does anyone have or remember where i can download the video that had a blue/silver busa vs a r12 (dont remember color of it, dont really care
). It is about 15 minites long and goes through some high speed runs and other tests. Does anyone know what im talking about?
that was that big long one that was done in Australia??

Haven't seen it.

just kidding... will look.
It is on our Video site... lemme see if I can dig it up. If not, I can post it tomorrow when I get to work...... brb...
Odyssey, I did not find it posted. I would be glad to upload it tomorrow if you like. If I remember, it was like 24mb file... but a great review.

Let me know if you want it. L8rz.
I downloaded it last year from the movie link of this page. It's not there anymore, the file was huge 165MB (gsxr13-vs-zx12.mpeg).

This is one of the better comparisons I've seen between the Busa and 12R. It's a video of a television show called 2 Wheels down in Australia. A silver 12R and a blue/silver Busa showing top speed runs, stunts and drag strip comparisons.

I have a copy of the .mpeg, but not sure where to post it for download.