Busa footpeg distance?


Can anyone tell me how many inches it is from the seat to the pegs on the Busa? I'm trying to decide whether to get the R1 or the Busa. I know that the R1 is 17 inches and that I can gain another 1 1/4 inches on the Busa by swapping the stock pegs for the ones on the F3. But what is the stock distance? I sat on one the other day and it seemed pretty tight. I've been riding sportbikes for 12 years, so I don't think it will come down to experience, just comfort. I love to tear it up in the twisties, but I also am looking to do some long road trips (with the old lady on the back). Heeelp!
I do not know the anwer, but your local dealer probably will. And if he doesn't, he'll find the answer for you if you act genuinely interested.
Is that 1 1/4 in gain simply by switching the pegs on the busa with those of the F3??? Or are there other mods that must accompany it?