Busa Bash shirts...


Dis in my way!
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OK folks we have the shirts packaged and ready to go.... I was able to get several people on the phone today that ordered and will be going to the bash. If you ordered a shirt we want to make sure that you get your package for the event so Busa159 will be taking the shirts to bash and Omslaw will be handing them out to folks....

If there are folks that will not be going to the bash would you please post up here and we can get your shirts in the mail to you....

Thanks all

Was hoping to get to the Bash, but won't so snail mail is fine for me.
I shoulda bought one. Then I could say "Been there Done tha..." Oh, wait. I haven't been there or done that.:laugh: Sorry.:whistle:
Hey CAP: Thanks for the phone call today. I really appreciate it! Hope all you guys have fun at the bash. I was at the GAP last week and had a blast. Maybe the bash will be in my future next year!!!!