Broken Clutch Case

My Clutch case has split, the split is is opposite to the bleed nipple on the underneath..the bike been laid up been riding others.. wondering about taking it off and welding it good as new any thoughts would appreciate it... is it easy or hard what to look out for...
If you are talking about the clutch slave brace, that is a weak point on these bikes.
I wouldn't try and fix it - it will just break again.
They make some real good aftermarket ones that are a lot stronger:

Airplane Products

This is the one I have and it is great!


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:laugh: Kevin banned me many years ago because I wouldn't pay the extra money with his logo on the cover. :laugh: He didn't like when I asked him about the poopie bolts either. :moon: Isn't he just doing models now or something?

The cover is a great investment. There are lots of guys that have them for sale. Plenty of the board sponsors have 'em. :thumbsup:

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