Broke - still rode!


OK, what do you do when there is only a TWENTHY left till next Friday? I mean counting your change! The first thing you do is full up the Busa, then go interstate all the way to the end of the highway. Went NOT fast enough, about 130 mph is all I hit at times (traffic)! Anyways I just wanted to chill!!! Now that helped me a lot you know. NOW I’m down to about FIFTEEN? Guess what the poor people do with these great bountiful assets at hand. Liquor store dude ($Bingo$). I asked the liquor store guy what he would do if he only had a twenty till next Friday? AAAAAAAAHHHH give blood? NO I said, buy a 12 pack! He looks at me, smiles and said now you have to give blood. HUUUUUMMM good point. After the ride, every thing is working fine. Bye for now, time for another cold one.
Next time you are that low yell. At least we can send money for a six pack.
Thanks. I'll make it no problem, once I worked with a guy who lived in his car for a while. He said “I’d buy Cigarettes and Pepsi before foodâ€￾ Well I guess if you’re that broke WTF. Later – time for a Mac and Don's COFFEE! The gourmet stuff will have to wait about a week! I still can fill up the Busa tank.
OK I know this is going to sound like bul but its 100% true honest I met a girl in Old Orchard Beach we got along great I was unemployed and collecting a measley 150.00 per week I only had about 30 bucks when I got there. We went out all weekend riding just cost me gas and a burger one night so I was down to about 10 bucks by the end of the weekend. She asked me to come back to her house for a couple of days I figured what the hell I loaded my bike in the back of her truck and we took off for Coventry Connecticut . I stayed the night
and I was planning my trip back home when she tells me to hide because her husband was there ... I treid to convince her not to try to hide me but I was young and she convinced me (they where seperated and she was living at a friends house I later found out) So she hid me in the closet I was scared shitless I had no idea she was married much less what this guy looked like I am no small guy (6 foot 4 235 pounds) so I put the key in my left hand and made a fist with my right and I was ready I was going to hit him and run like hell for my bike. when he opened the closet he was tiny little guy all I could think of to say was "hey whats up ??" he left mad . Anyway to the money part I told you I went to Coventry Conn right from Maine well I didnt think to bring a helmet . Now that all you guys from Mass are laughing at me you can stop ....
I hit the toll booth where the guy asked me where my helmet was on Rt 84 I think and I said UHHHHH I dont know he told me there was a helmet law in Mass but he wouldnt tell and good luck
I took off but only got as far as the State police station on the same road and got nailed I tried the Smokey and the bandit move of hididng behind a truck but it didnt work he was turning in from the other side
So he askes me where my helmet is I tell him I have had my license for over a year and I dont need a helmet (playing stupid .. Well if the shoe fits) he tells me about the helmet law and gives me 2 choices go to the phone box and call someone to bring me one or go to the next exit and BUY ONE well I have a whopping 8 bucks left and some change so I guess you know I didnt buy one . He was cool though he felt bad for me I think He said I dont want to catch you riding this without a helmet again or I have to bust you got in his car went to the turn around and hit his siren for a sec and went the other way . I jumped on my bike and hammered it to the NH border only saw one other cop and he was busy I got so Lucky . I learned an important lesson that day ........Well maybe more than one


You know I live in Connecticut, now I know who you really are. I am coming to get you.
Just kidding but you where not far from me. You could of been with my wife, if so I will pay you to take her with you next time.

hehe I cant take her now Ninja I have a girlfriend she wouldnt take that to well She has a good sense of humor but not that good LOL
That happened about 9 years ago damn they had some nice roads I cant remember her name but I remember the road I had to take to get to the Interstate it was full of curves and hills it was late summer the wind in my hair the leaves just starting to change man it was a great time
I have a GSXR tank bag you can exactly fit a 12 pack into it if you unzip the expansion .
I dont drink and drive but you can get them back to the hotel room that way
Hey another story from me about being broke in my youth I didnt have the money to put a new rear tire on my 1986 Yamaha FZ600 so I would go throught the tire pile out behind the local honda dealer and dont be mad at me but a Honda Goldwing front tire would fit perfect on the rear of my FZ they would have all kinds of tread just cupped and a couple of good burnouts would fix that :hammerhead: . I would never do something like that with my Baby Busa (not that you could anyway) but I have returned from laconia with canvas showing on my 1100 God the things we got away with :hammerhead: (pure luck) ......
When I was a kid (a long time ago) I would get up early for high school and go to the gas station before it opened.  Then I would roll my bike to every pump and drain the gas out of the hoses.  Sometimes I would get a whole gallon that way.  Plenty of gas for the 7 mile round trip to school and back and then some.   :cool:
Good to hear from you Hank..sorry about the cash flow problem..gotta siphon hose...take some from buddies..ride..gotta ride you know..hehe......... :drink: