Brocks 2017 Gsx-r1000

I guess that filter will keep the big chunks out....
Not for me, but if you wanted the last tenth out of your bike, I suppose it's better.than nothing.


makes me scared to do anything he suggests... how bout we throw on an alien head exhaust on his h2 and raise the redline? I wonder how much boost an h2 can handle... brock knows.
I probably wouldn't feel comfortable running that filter on the street , would for track only bike for sure . I do run a well oiled BMC race filter though , that seems to catch all sorts of crap okay . Got two so rotate and so always one ready to fit and reseal the box quickly . I really like that Montgomery carbon airbox , be great on race bike , maybe even selectively ridden project bike , but that uses no filter at all . Guess you got to weigh up the gains verses potential risk with any filter choice other than factory original .

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