:please:can anyone help problem is with the front brakes changed discs to wavys + new pads resealed calipers changed mastercylinder to a radial one from a gsxr k8 1000 bled the brakes allso back bled them to no avail as you know there are 6 ajustments on brake lever i have to position mine on no 1 setting any other the lever will touch the handelbar all i ask for is a firm lever has anyone else had problems thanks :please:
still have air in the system would be my guess... keep bleeding (mighty vac or similar work great)

hook a hose from the bleeder and hang it in a cup.. let it run till the bubbles run out..
Take a 'zip' tie and tie the brake lever about 2/3 of the way back to the hand grip...let it set like this over night :thumbsup:

The lever should firm up :beerchug:
Go to Harbor Freight and get a China knock off of the Taiwain knock Off Mity Vac. About $20. I bought the darn thing when I was having trouble bleeding my brakes and it was the best money I ever spent...Wardie
pump lever, pump lever, pump lever, pump lever, pump and hold lever, crack valve, seal valve when lever bottoms, repeat.

Bleed the left caliper 1st then the right.

Back to the left and then the right again.

I use plastic tubing and a large fuel mixing syringe to pull the fluid through.

The gravity method mentioned earlier, tubing into a cup wait for the bubbles to stop, works well too. Be VERY patient using this method.

Keep the reservoir full in all methods.