Brake light always on


Just noticed today that my brake light is stuck on, not just running light but full brake light. Have no idea where to start to try and fix it. Depressing front or rear brake does nothing. I have had the Bestem undertail on it for a long time and never had a problem. I know it was working a week ago as I periodically check lights. Thoughts? thanks
Just put Buell peg bod on and lowered the rear break lever. In the instructions it shows you how to adjust the rear brake sensor. You just turn the sensor to adjust. Before I adjusted it the break light stayed on regardless of position of the rear or front break lever. Make sure you get in there and try adjusting it before you go too far with the front break to eliminate this possibility. On the gen 1 it is right above the petal. On the Gen 2 they ran a wire up and the sensor is behind the rear fairing 10" or so above the rear break lever.
you have a bad switch either on the front grip or the rear. Easy way to tell, with the bike not running squeeze the front brake do you here a little click? if not then its prob the frt. On the back you can see the little switch unplug the wires from it. If it goes out then its the rear too tight or shorted.